Michelle Holt(non-registered)
Great shots, Brian!
Barb Delworth(non-registered)
You get better with every photo shoot!!! Never knew a plane could be so red!!!! Love it all! Keep it up!
Bonnie Sobolewski/Jon Schewe(non-registered)
Very professional work Brian. Beautiful color, sharp images and great compositions.
Barb Delworth(non-registered)
I loved all of EAA 2015! Nice job! Beautiful color - you've got a great camera!!! Thanks for sharing!
Dave and Nila Holberg(non-registered)
Great work. Really proud of you.
Michelle Holt(non-registered)
Beautiful photos and great website! I can't wait to see some of your EAA photos. Thanks for sharing!
Jerry Pendley(non-registered)
Brain, Wow! what a gift you have. Started looking and had to see every picture. Love the hot air balloons and also the light house. Morning glow was stunning. Hey how did you know I was on the lake with my boat? Very nice sir.
GW Hall(non-registered)
I love the light house photos!
Barb Delworth(non-registered)
Beautiful photos! Love the brilliant color! Nice job!
Anthony Dunn(non-registered)
Nice work!!!
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