As an amateur photographer living in Wisconsin, I have plenty of nature to inspire me. From backyard bucks and illusive owls to lighthouses and landscapes, outdoor photography has become my real passion.

I got hooked in 2008 when a great horned owl took up residency in my backyard for a few nights. Realizing my current camera wasn’t going to fit the bill, I decided it was time to upgrade and get serious about my photography. I have never looked back.

Self taught, I am continually learning. I read everything I can get my hands on, take seminars and participate in online classes to perfect my art. With so much to learn, photography is not only one of my biggest challenges but also one of my most rewarding achievements.

In the fast pace world of need it now, hurry up, move and get going … I find photography to be my great escape. The world slows down, I slow down and the beauty I find around me is forever captured in a click.

As you look through my photos, I hope you find a little escape yourself and get lost in what you see.

Published Work

In May of 2013 I did a photo shoot for Palmer Johnson's latest yacht Lady M. Below are links to articles that the photos appeared in. Due to file size these may take a few moments to load.

Milwaukee Magazine - August 2013 Article Link
Ocean Magazine - September 2013 Article Link
Super Yacht World Magazine - September 2013 Article Link

In November of 2015 and Super Yacht Times published my photos in their press release about Palmer Johnson Yachts closure of their Sturgeon Bay, WI facility and the transport of their unfinished yacht aboard the salt water vessel Tracer.

CharterWorld - November 2015 Article Link
Super Yacht Times - November 2015 Article Link